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m (Trithemis africana (Brauer, 1867))
Ligne 1 : Ligne 1 :
Euphaea refulgens Hagen in Selys, 1853<br>
- Euphaea<strike>+D2493</strike> semperi Selys, 1879 [To simplify]<br>
Prodasineura bolavenensis Katatani, 2019 [With correct orthograph]
== ''[[Trithemis]] africana'' (Brauer, 1867) ==
''Tramea africana'' Brauer, 1867, ''Trithemis tropicana'' Fraser, 1953 [A ajouter sur XLS de la {{WOL1}} ; signalé le 28 août 2019]
Pseudagrion fisheri Pinhey, 1961<br>
- <strike>Syn Pseudagrion leonensis Pinhey, 1964</strike> [Error]
'''Brauer F. 1867''' - Neue exotische Odonaten. - Verhandlungen der kaiserlich-koniglichen zoologisch-botanischen Gesellschaft in Wien, 17 : 811-816.<br>
Pseudagrion hemicolon Karsch, 1899<br>
- Syn Pseudagrion flavipes Sjöstedt, 1900<br>
- Syn Pseudagrion conspicuum Fraser, 1947<br>
- Syn Pseudagrion flavipes <strike>ssp.</strike> leonensis Pinhey, 1964 [Simplify]<br>
You can perhaps homogeneise the doubtful species / doubtful species ? / doubtful status
Drepanosticta adenani Dow & Reels, 2018 is on the LIST but not on XLS
We have on XLS the synonym Argioleste griseus tenuis Tillyard, 1913 for Griseargiolestes griseus to transform in Argiolestes griseus tenuis.
We have on the LIST Calopteryx angustipennis (Hagen in Selys, 1853) / Sylphis angustipennis  Hagen in Selys, 1853 to complete on XLS
Agrion maculatum Palisot de Beauvois, 1807 protonym of Calopteryx maculata is not at the good place on the LIST
For Calopteryx splendens we have on the LIST the bad name for...
- Calopteryx parthenias is correct (not parthenais)
- Syn Calopteryx splendens tschaldirica Bartenev, 1909 is correct (not tschaldririca)
On XLS the bad author for...
- Syn Calopteryx splendens tuempeli Scholtz, 1908 is correct (not Scholz)
For Calopteryx virgo on the LIST
- Syn Calopteryx virgo britannica Conci, 1952 is the correct version (not brittanica)
On the LIST for Echo uniformis
- Syn Echo iricolor Krüger, 1898 is the correct version (not tricolor)
On the LIST for Mnais tenuis
- Syn? Mnais pieli Navás, 1936 is the correct version (not Navas)
On the LIST Neurobasis australis Selys, 1897 is here with the correct date.
On the XLS they are problems with Chlorocypha jejuna. The correct version is :
Chlorocypha jejuna (Karsch, 1898) / Libellago jejuna Karsch, 1898
For Chlorocypha selysi on the LIST
Syn Libellago camerunensis Sjöstedt, 1899 is correct (not cameruniensis)
Rhinocypha unimaculata Selys, 1853 is on the LIST but not on XLS
For Stenocypha hasta on XLS
Chlorocypha hasta Pinhey, 1962 withouth Syn is correct.
On the LIST strike Syn Bayadera brevicauda ishigakiana Asahina, 1964 for Bayadera brevicauda
On XLS add Bayadera ishigakiana Asahina, 1964
On XLS for Epallage fatime
Syn Epallage alma Selys, 1879 is correct (not Selya)
Add Cora lugubris Navás, 1934 on XLS version
On the LIST for Rhadinosticta banksi
Isosticta banksi Tillyard, 1913 is correct (not Tillyad)
On the LIST for Coeliccia flavicauda add Syn
Syn Coeliccia flavicauda masakii Asahina, 1951
I think that Coeliccia acco Asahina, 1997 is a synonym of Coeliccia pyriformis Laidlaw, 1932. This synonyme is duplicate on the LIST for pacritii and pyriformis ! On XLS it is only synonym of pacritii. [TO VERIFY]
On the LIST for Igneocnemis incisa (Kimmins, 1936) add the protonyme Risiocnemis incisa Kimmins, 1936
On XLS you must modify
Palaiargia tydecksjuerging Orr, Kalkman & Richards, 2014 correct here (not tydeksjuerging)
For Argia medullaris, I think that Syn Argia rectangula Navás, 1920 (not rectangular) is correct, you must modify the LIST
The synonym Argia trifoliata is done for Argia variabilis on XLS and Argia variegata on the LIST. TO RESOLVE.<br>
Note that Argia variegata seems to be a doubtful species and his revision is on going by works of R.Garrison (Mauffray & Tennessen 2019).<br>
'''Mauffray W.F. & Tennessen K.J. 2019''' - A Catalogue and Historical Study of the Odonata of Ecuador. - Zootaxa, 4628 (1) : 1-265.<br>
For Coenagrion exclamationis the Syn Himalagrion pithoragarhicus Sahni, 1964 can't be a doubtful species (simplify)
For Coenagrion lanceolatum on XLS you must add Syn to Coenagrion simillimum
You must strike Himalagrion / Himalagrion exclamationis and his synonyms on XLS because this taxon is yet under Coenagrion exclamationis.
You must modify on XLS the protonym of Hivaagrion halecarpenteri to Bedfordia halecarpenteri Mumford, 1942
On XLS for the genus Huosoma you must modify the authors : Guan, Dumont, Yu, Han & Vierstraete, 2013
I think that Pseudagrion umsingaziense Balinsky, 1963 is a good synonym [TO VERIFY] for Pseudagrion coelestis then on the LIST you must modify Syn Pseudagrion umsingaziense Balinsky, 1963 (not Syn?)
On XLS you must strike for Pseudagrion fisheri the synonym Pseudagrion leonensis Pinhey, 1964 because he is reported as synonym of Pseudagrion hemicolon
On the LIST for Pseudagrion hemicolon you must modify the author and the text for Syn Pseudagrion flavipes leonensis Pinhey, 1964 (correct here). On XLS you must simplify this synonym.
On XLS for Aeshna crenata you must complete the synonyme Syn Aeschna gigas Bartenev, 1908 (nec Rambur, 1842)
On XLS modify Sarasaeschna kaoi Yeh, Lee & Wong, 2015 (not Yen)
On the LIST you must complete Cyclogomphus vesiculosus Selys, 1873 (doubtful species)
On the LIST you must STRIKE Heliogomphus ceylonicus (Hagen in Selys, 1878) / Gomphus? ceylonicus Hagen in Selys, 1878 Because it is Anisogomphus ceylonicus !
On LIST you must STRIKE Neurogomphus dissimilis Cammaerts, 2004 and his synonym Neurogomphus dissimilis malawiensis Cammaerts, 2004 > Mastigogomphus dissimilis !
On LIST you must STRIKE Neurogomphus pinheyi Cammaerts, 1968 > Mastigogomphus
On XLS for Nychogomphus geometricus you must modify Syn Onychogomphus geometricus nigrescens Laidlaw, 1902 (not nigrecens)
On XLS for Stylurus flavipes we must have Syn Petalura selysii Guérin-Méneville, 1838 and on the LIST too ! (not Meneville or Ménevile !)
The date for the synonym of Macromia amphigena : Syn Macromia amphigena fraenata Martin, 1906 or 1907 is to VERIFY (not the same on XLS and LIST). I think that - '''Malikova E.I. & Kosterin O.E. 2019''' - Check-list of Odonata of the Russian Federation. - Odonatologica, 48 (1/2) : 49-78. - [http://pisum.bionet.nsc.ru/kosterin/pdf/malikova_kosterin_2019.pdf PDF LINK] - are correct with 1906.
On LIST you must STRIKE Paleosynthemis spiniger (Tillyard, 1913) / Synthemis spiniger Tillyard, 1913
On XLS for Acisoma inflatum you must modify Libellula inflata Selys, 1871 (and not Selys 1871)
On XLS for Orthetrum taeniolatum you must add Syn Orthetrum brevistylum Kirby, 1896
For Orthetrum triangulare we have on XLS Syn Orthetrum triangulare malaccensis Förster, 1903 which is uncorrect on the LIST with Syn Orthetrum triangulare malaccense Asahina, 1973
What is the date of Sympetrum obtrusum 1861 or 1867. The choice must be done. XLS and LIST. Remember that Diplax obtrusa Hagen, 1861 doesn't exist, Diplax obtrusum Hagen, 1867 is a nomen nudum, Diplax decisa Hagen in Hayden, 1874 is a nomen ambiguum and the correct name is for me Diplax obtrusa Calvert, 1893... but this is a tradition for Hagen's name/date !!!
On the LIST you must modify for Tramea basilaris Syn Libellula chinensis Burmeister, 1839 (nec Linnaeus, 1758) (and not 1830)
On XLS you must add for Trithemis africana Brauer, 1867 the Syn Trithemis tropicana Fraser, 1953
On XLS you must add for Trithemis apicalis (Fraser, 1954) the Syn Trithemis osvaldae D'Andrea & Carfi, 1997
For Trithemis dubia (Fraser, 1954) the protonym on XLS must be modify : Porpacithemis dubia Fraser, 1954
On XLS you must complete Zygonyx luctifera Selys, 1869
You must choice between : Zygonyx speciosa (Karsch, 1891) (LIST) or Zygonyx speciosus (Karsch, 1891) (XLS)
For Eleuthemis buettikoferi Ris, 1910 you must add on the LIST the Syn Eleuthemis quadrigutta Pinhey, 1974
For Cordulegaster bidentata Selys, 1843 on the LIST the correct synonym is Syn Cordulegaster bidentatus race anatolicus Selys, 1873 (not Cordulgaster)
You must modify on XLS Mastigogomphus dissimilis (Cammaerts, 2004) (and not dissimiliis)
On XLS we have for Tetracanthagyna waterhousei : Syn Aeschna quadrilateralis Fraser, 1927  and on the LIST Syn Aeshna quadrilateralis Fraser, 1927 - TO RESOLVE
On the XLS you must strike Coeliccia loringae Laidlaw, 1932 which is a synonym of Coeliccia didyma
On the LIST add for Coeliccia kazukoae Syn to Coeliccia megumii Asahina, 1984
On XLS modify Calicnemia doonensis Sangal & Tyagi, 1984 (and not Sangai)
On the LIST for Miocora chirripa modify Syn Cora chirripa donnellyi Bick & Bick, 1990 (and not donnelly)
On XLS for Rhinagrion elopurae modify the protonym Amphilestes elopurae
For Umma mesostigma we have on the LIST Syn Umma splendida Navás, 1922 and on XLS Syn? Umma splendida Navás, 1922 - TO RESOLVE
On the LIST for Chalcolestes viridis we have correctly Syn Agrion leucopsallis Charpentier, 1825 (add Syn)

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Trithemis africana (Brauer, 1867)

Tramea africana Brauer, 1867, Trithemis tropicana Fraser, 1953 [A ajouter sur XLS de la WOL ; signalé le 28 août 2019]

Brauer F. 1867 - Neue exotische Odonaten. - Verhandlungen der kaiserlich-koniglichen zoologisch-botanischen Gesellschaft in Wien, 17 : 811-816.